Guidelines for Holiday Tips and Gifts

The holiday season is in full swing and with that comes gift giving and tipping! While gift giving etiquette may be obvious in some instances, it can get less clear when considering gifts for people outside of your friends and family. So, to help you navigate the season, we have put together a guide of […]

Data and Document Security; Protect Your Stuff!

There are now more tools available than ever to help you organize, access and protect your sensitive data and documents. Mobile Devices The amount of information we store on our mobile devices is staggering: emails, personal contacts, client contacts, banking information, music, and pictures represent only a fraction. You can easily protect this data by […]

Every Dollar Has a Job

“Budgets are nothing if not statements of priorities” – Jeff Merkley Think of Yourself Like a Business Imagine you have been put in charge of your favorite coffee shop. You really like their coffee, so you want to do all you can to keep it going. Could you manage it or would the shop go […]

What is Money, Really?

“Do they have a smartphone app for that?” Familiar question. Several thousand years ago, if you asked about how to buy something, the “app” would be money. Why is this important? Imagine carrying around leather coats you just finished stitching together from hides you tanned from an elk you shot and skinned, with the hope […]

Finding Value

“Just like hot potato, you better not be holding the stock when the music stops playing.” My wife is learning about investing and she asked me a very poignant question, “how do I know if I should invest in a company?”  I feel like this is a question on the minds of many new comers […]

A Lesson on Investing and the Time Value of Money

Your retirement is on sale…right now…and at a big discount. This is true because, if you invest now, you will be in better shape than if you wait – much better! Every dollar can grow. Sounds magical, but your money can grow, if you invest it. Plant your dollar in a patch, tend to it […]

How I Learned the Value of Money at 10 Years Old

Let’s face it, money is a total taboo topic. I can see why this exists in society, but I have no idea why it has to be true in your own private home. I have so many friends who say that they never discussed money in their household. It was a forbidden subject. Well, this […]

Sermons, partying, hangovers, diets, …. and financial planning

Okay, bizarre title, but bear with me: Financial planners often feel as if they preach sermons to encourage needed planning. And like most “you should be doing this!” sermons, their preaching is met with serious resistance. So here’s a different approach: In college, you must have had at least one morning where you woke up […]

Should we use Robo-Advisors? I don’t know, let’s ask Siri!

Any web search for “robo-advisors” (or robo-advisers, robo-planners, etc.) produces an interesting spectrum of content, from “for” to “against,” with a fair share of “undecided.” Some posts are ready to embrace new technology. We recently re-blogged Robo Advice? Bring it on, it will be great for business by Tony Vidler. He says robo-advisors: will be […]

The Makings of a Productive To-Do List

There are two kinds of people – ones that make lists and those that don’t (we’ve all heard that saying before, right?)! And I’m definitely a list-person. As a self-proclaimed list-maker, I think the benefits of creating a To-Do list outweigh the costs. I may be biased here but the only negative I can think […]

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