Business Model – help needed for financial planning website

True, I think everyone needs a financial plan. In fact, I may be a bit zealous about this. I am passionate about helping people find optimal solutions for financial issues, where they use all of their resources in the best way possible.

Two years ago, we began building a website targeting Millennials, hoping to engage them in planning now so they can avoid pitfalls many of their parents now face. The website has financial calculators for retirement, college and life insurance, How To Steps to guide you in improving your finances and a Learning Center to explain it all.

We were about to launch but then we got feedback that the site is overwhelming. We may be trying to do too much. Also, our value proposition is not clear.   Finally, some were turned off by the name “Millennials-Money.”

We have delayed our launch and I enlisted more help. We could use your help too!

My goal is to transform my three decades of financial planning experience into a resource. That resource need not be limited to Millennials … good planning applies to everyone.

Despite my belief that everyone needs a plan, and despite the fact that many recognize this, people don’t want to be reminded … at least not until something, other than my blog posts, prompts them to act.

So, how do we structure our website with all its financial calculators, How To Steps and Learning Center, into a site people will use?

  • We can offer solutions to immediate problems, for a fee.
  • We can use the CoachUp model, which pairs athletes with coaches, to pair users who are ready to do a financial plan with financial planners.
  • We could offer some other reward for planning.
  • We can act as a resource for improving financial literacy, starting at the college level, or perhaps even high school level.
  • We can make our calculators and strategic advice available to new financial planners who are trying to establish new financial planning businesses.

Anyway, all of this is what keeps me up at night …. Any reaction, comments or input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Steven A. Branson, Esq., is the founder of, a website devoted to empowering people as their own money manager launching later this year.  For nearly 30 years, Branson has been creating financial plans for individuals and families of all ages, coaching them on a personalized path to achieve their financial goals.  Branson has a law degree from Harvard Law School and is known for his financial articles geared toward young people.  In his spare time, he is a musician, a graduate of Berklee College of Music who leads his own jazz band, playing tenor sax, and a photographer, who contributes to 500PX.  Branson’s writing and financial tips can be seen at our blog at and


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