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Guidelines for Holiday Tips and Gifts

The holiday season is in full swing and with that comes gift giving and tipping! While gift giving etiquette may be obvious in some instances, it can get less clear when considering gifts for people outside of your friends and family. So, to help you navigate the season, we have put together a guide of […]


Data and Document Security; Protect Your Stuff!

There are now more tools available than ever to help you organize, access and protect your sensitive data and documents. Mobile Devices The amount of information we store on our mobile devices is staggering: emails, personal contacts, client contacts, banking information, music, and pictures represent only a fraction. You can easily protect this data by […]


Every Dollar Has a Job

“Budgets are nothing if not statements of priorities” – Jeff Merkley Think of Yourself Like a Business Imagine you have been put in charge of your favorite coffee shop. You really like their coffee, so you want to do all you can to keep it going. Could you manage it or would the shop go […]


What is Money, Really?

“Do they have a smartphone app for that?” Familiar question. Several thousand years ago, if you asked about how to buy something, the “app” would be money. Why is this important? Imagine carrying around leather coats you just finished stitching together from hides you tanned from an elk you shot and skinned, with the hope […]


Finding Value

“Just like hot potato, you better not be holding the stock when the music stops playing.” My wife is learning about investing and she asked me a very poignant question, “how do I know if I should invest in a company?”  I feel like this is a question on the minds of many new comers […]


How I Learned the Value of Money at 10 Years Old

Let’s face it, money is a total taboo topic. I can see why this exists in society, but I have no idea why it has to be true in your own private home. I have so many friends who say that they never discussed money in their household. It was a forbidden subject. Well, this […]


Sermons, partying, hangovers, diets, …. and financial planning

Okay, bizarre title, but bear with me: Financial planners often feel as if they preach sermons to encourage needed planning. And like most “you should be doing this!” sermons, their preaching is met with serious resistance. So here’s a different approach: In college, you must have had at least one morning where you woke up […]


Should we use Robo-Advisors? I don’t know, let’s ask Siri!

Any web search for “robo-advisors” (or robo-advisers, robo-planners, etc.) produces an interesting spectrum of content, from “for” to “against,” with a fair share of “undecided.” Some posts are ready to embrace new technology. We recently re-blogged Robo Advice? Bring it on, it will be great for business by Tony Vidler. He says robo-advisors: will be […]


The Makings of a Productive To-Do List

There are two kinds of people – ones that make lists and those that don’t (we’ve all heard that saying before, right?)! And I’m definitely a list-person. As a self-proclaimed list-maker, I think the benefits of creating a To-Do list outweigh the costs. I may be biased here but the only negative I can think […]


Really want to start your own business? some more considerations to help out

This is a follow up on “7 things to do when starting a business to avoid nasty surprises“ Am I self-employed? If you start your own business by yourself, you are self-employed. You report your income and expenses on Schedule C of the federal form 1040. What if my friends are part of my business? […]


7 steps to take before you enter the real estate business

Proper diversification of your investments may include real property. However, purchasing and managing rental property isn’t for everyone. Most people are better off diversifying by purchasing REITs (real estate investment trusts) via mutual funds or ETFs. But my friend said she made a killing on real estate. Unfortunately, most such stories are either not true or […]


“The British are Leaving!”

My husband spent about 10 years in London, and so naturally, he was glued to his laptop last night eagerly monitoring the UK Referendum vote. And when he finally heard BBC call it – 52% Leave vs. 48% Stay – he remained calm for the most part and went to bed. But as of this […]


7 things to do when starting a business to avoid nasty surprises

When you decide to start a business, taxes may be the last thing you think about. However, not realizing that you owe the self-employment tax as well as income taxes can lead to a nasty surprise when you file your taxes. This post is aimed at avoiding that costly surprise. But, before we discuss the […]


Roth or not to Roth? Deciding requires predicting your future tax rate

Excerpt Faced with a decision between a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k)? You need to predict your tax rates now and at retirement … or you can elect to hedge your bets. As more employers provide the option of a Roth 401(k), you may be faced with this question: So which should you contribute […]


What is a financial plan?

You may hear some argue that robo-planners will not replace individual, human planners. I call them the “There’s no app for that” group. We are readying a website that will allow you to create your own financial plan. So, we do believe that “There is an app for that.” But exactly what is “a financial […]


Anger Translator Responses to “Millennials: Five Business Etiquette Tips You All Need to Know”

I read Millennials: Five Business Etiquette Tips You All Need to Know by Arden Clise and was provoked. Talking down to any group of which you are not a member, as if that group was monolithic and comprised of members who offend everyone in your group, promotes division between the groups and furthers all the […]


How to Lead Today to Achieve Tomorrow’s Vision: An Open Letter to CEOs & Management

Dear CEO & Management, I’m sure you get this a lot but what do you envision for your organization in the next 5 years…10 years…15 years? And how do you plan on executing this? You’ll need an Employee Engagement Strategy ASAP. I’m not talking about just a few surveys to take the temperature on satisfaction […]


Shocking news, forecasting is not an exact science! (commenting on recent Jason Lilly’s post)

In his May 2016 post “Even Robust On-Line Retirement Tools Are Fraught With ‘Irregularities’,” Jason Lilly of ARQ Wealth Advisors, LLC.  points to a Texas Tech University study of 36 online retirement calculators, including major firms like Vanguard Group, Fidelity Investments, T. Rowe Price Group, AARP, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Group (FINRA), when he states: […]


Robo-Advisors may be just what we need!

Should you really fear Robo-Advisors? Reading financial news, you see many posts warning of robo-advisors, telling you how you really need a human advisor, how you can robo-proof your investment business, or how robo-advisors are merely a fad and will die off when everyone realizes how evil they are. All these posts have it backwards. […]


Business Model – help needed for financial planning website

True, I think everyone needs a financial plan. In fact, I may be a bit zealous about this. I am passionate about helping people find optimal solutions for financial issues, where they use all of their resources in the best way possible. Two years ago, we began building a website targeting Millennials, hoping to engage […]

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